Holden Driver Training was established in 2001 by Wayne Holden to provide friendly, personalized and professional driver training with expert knowledge on traffic law and a wealth of experience on all vehicle types from motorcycles and cars to the heaviest of all truck and trailer combinations.
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Wayne Holden has been riding motorcycles since 1969. Throughout the 1970s motorcycles were the primary form of transportation for Wayne. He has ridden extensively throughout New Zealand and dabbled with motocross and enduro events.

In 1980 Wayne became a Motorcycle Patrol Officer (Highway Patrol) and was Officer in Charge of the Waikato Motorcycle Patrol fleet by the mid-1980s. Wayne was also the Manager and Coach of the Motorcycle Display Team in 1987 and went on to become the longest serving Motorcycle Patrol Officer in New Zealand.

In 1999 Wayne was the Chief Motorcycle Instructor for a group of international students in Queensland Australia.

After establishing Holden Driver Training Wayne introduced the motorcycle subsidiary Holden Rider Training which has grown to be the leading provider for all motorcycle training in the greater Waikato region.

Wayne is also a senior motorcycle observer with the New Zealand Institute of Advanced Motorists (NZ-IAM)

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